Technical Committee 8

Technical Committee 8 - Information Systems

IFIP TC8 was established by International Federation for Information Processing in 1976 as a Technical Committee dedicated to the field of Information Systems. TC8 aims to promote and encourage the advancement of research and practice of concepts, methods, techniques and issues related to information systems in organisations. TC8 has established eight working groups.

In addition to the activities of its working groups, TC8 also organizes working conferences, and publishes books through IFIP. TC8 holds an annual National Representatives meeting.

Working Groups

WG 8.1 Design and evaluation of information systems 
Chair: Jolita Ralyté  
Vice-Chair: Janis Stirna 
Secretary: John Krogstie

WG 8.2 The interaction of information systems and the organization 
Chair: Ulrike Schultze  
Vice-Chair: Eija Karsten 
Secretary: Catherine Middelton & Mathew Jones

WG 8.3 Decision Support Systems 
Chair: Frederic Adam  
Vice-Chair: Frada Burstein  
Vice-Chair: Ana Respício  
Secretary: Gloria Phillips-Wren 

WG 8.4 E-Business Information Systems: Multi-disciplinary research and practice 
Chair: Edgar Weippl  
Vice-Chair: Wichian Chutimaskul  
Vice-Chair: Günther Pernul
Secretary: Isao Echizen

WG 8.5 Information Systems in Public Administration 
Chair: Jochen Scholl 
Vice-Chair: Marijn Janssen  
Secretary: Olivier Glassey

WG 8.6 Diffusion, transfer and implementation of information technology
Chair: Deborah Bunker 
Vice-Chair: Dave Wastell
Vice-Chair: Eleanor Wynn
Secretary: Yogesh Dwivedi 

WG 8.9 Enterprise Information Systems
A Min Tjoa
First Vice-Chair: Lida Xu
Second Vice-Chair: Maria Raffai
Secretary: Ling Li & Sohail Chaudhry

WG 8.10 Service-Oriented Systems (joint with WG 6.12/2.14)
Chair: Luciano Baresi
First Vice-Chair: Winfried Lamersdorf 
Second Vice-Chair: Eric Dubois
Secretary: Damian Andrew Tamburri & Pierluigi Plebani

WG 8.11 Information Systems Security Research
Chair: H. Raghav Rao
Vice-Chair: Allen C. Johnston
Secretary: Tejaswini Herath
Editor: Anthony Vance

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