Aim and Scope


To promote and encourage interactions among professionals from practice and research and advancement of investigation of concepts, methods, techniques, tools and issues related to information systems in organisations.


The planning, analysis, design, construction, modification, implementation, utilization, evaluation, and management of information systems that use information technology to support and coordinate organisational activities including:

  • Effective utilization of information technologies in organisational context;
  • Interdependencies of information technologies and organisational structure, relationships and interaction;
  • Evaluation and management of information systems;
  • Analysis, design, construction, modification and implementation of computer-based information systems for organisations;
  • Management of knowledge, information, and data in organisations;
  • Information systems applications in organisations such as transaction processing, routine data processing, decision support, office support, computer-integrated manufacturing, expert support, executive support, and support for strategic advantage plus the coordination and interaction of such applications;
  • Relevant research and practice from associated fields such as computer science, operations management, economics, organisation theory, cognitive science, knowledge engineering, and systems theory.